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About Recnet

The RECNET network, "Recycling the City. Rethinking the Transformation of Cities "currently comprises more than 60 organizations from 27 different countries, born with the purpose of finding the collaboration of key stakeholders in re-thinking the transformation of cities for sustainable transition to more resilient socio-ecological systems.


The main objective of the RECNET Network is to create a network of institutions for the development of social innovation, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of cities through the promotion of appropriate mechanisms for social participation in transition to sustainable land management.


The primary focus for the RECNET network is the promotion of participatory community development through the transfer of experiences, promoting socio-environmental and awareness activities, which will promote, link and articulate the empowerment of all stakeholders.

 RECNET focuses on four main areas of work (energy, water, land and biodiversity), targeted at key challenges that need to be in constant innovation and research:


- adaptation and mitigation of climate change,

- Intangible heritage and,

- green and circular economy.



RECNET is coordinated by the International Association Recycling the City, an NGO based in the city of Barcelona.  




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