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Arraigo: Redefining Relocation for Landslide-Affected Communities in Bogota, Colombia

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Recnet is invited to join the UNIVERSITIES NETWORK STAND | COP GREEN ZONE, at the 26th Conference of the Parties on Climate Change in Glasgow, Ireland (UK), to present the research project ARRAIGO, as part of the exhibition "Building Resilience in Fragile Urban Environments" Hosted by The University of Nottingham.

Next Friday 12 Nov from 11.30-13, we will be screening a series of short films facilitated by the University of Nottingham, including a 4 minutes piece about ARRAIGO that  you may find it below (English and Spanish subtitles available )

For the last 15 years, we have been in touch with representative non-mitigable risk zones in the city, picking up information, carrying out field visits, cooperating with grassroots communities, sharing conversations and gatherings. In 2015, emerged from this effort an organisational initiative called Arraigo. A platform for people affected by risk and resettlement. Three essential purposes guide Arraigo’s actions: Promote reflection and public discussion about the convenience of relocation measures, promote accountability on the trespass of relocation measures against land entitlements and fundamental rights, and incentivise innovative approaches to reduce climate risk-related displacement. Nowadays, Arraigo counts with more than 30 organisations coordinating activities, producing divulgation content, and expanding the unheard voices of climate relocation

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Dr. Arabella Fraser



"Arraigo is a platform for people who are affected by risk and resettlement policy and the voices that come out of Arraigo really shows us that there is a different way to approach these issues that really puts people's dignity and well-being at the centre"






"The Platform Arraigo has very solid people behind, who have forged an alternative life to resettlement, suffering and avoiding the most adverse effects resulting from this experience (...) That is why I am convinced that their testimonies have embedded critical information to think about the necessary adjustments to the relocation policies"

Testimonies of Arraigo

With the short collection of brief audiovisual pieces below, we intend to amplify testimonies of community leaders and affected citizens to examine the social conflicts and forces underlying the emergence of the resistance to climate risk-related relocation in Bogotá, Colombia.

Arraigo insinuates a route for understanding the social phenomena around risk in the city of Bogota. It is a social force that can influence public policy and the social management of risk. It delivers specific information to understand the dynamics and the flexibility that public policy needs to incorporate in order to promote solutions that fulfil the people needs and acknowledge their experiences in the territories.

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