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RECNET and its allies propose a series of forums from an interdisciplinary and multisectoral perspective to rethink the processes of transformation and socio-environmental transition in the cities, to more resilient systems and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and purposeful dialogue between key actors in the local and regional transformation
Thematic working group on urban informality and innovation for resilient futures
RECNET leads this thematic working group with the purpose to investigate the complexity of urban informality and develop the appropriate mechanisms for nature based solutions (NBS) that promote resilient futures in response to global change.
Environmental peace & Sustainability
Thanks to this Program, on Environmental Peace & Sustainability, RECNET aspires to play an increasing role approaching regions affected by armed conflicts and violence globally to stimulate territorial leaderships in peace construction as in the main international agendas that seek to manage environmental conflicts such as disaster risks, climate change, urban sustainability, resilience and the protection of the biosphere in general
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