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Recycling the City Seminars

Recycling the City Seminars: New Proposals for Urban Transformation


Recycling the City Seminars were created in 2011 by the UNESCO Chair on Sustainability, with the support of different institutions highlighting the National Museum of Science and Technology from Catalonia (mNACTEC). The main objective is the dissemination of sustainable good practices and experiences gained at the international level in relation to the transformation of cities.


Through the activities carried out within the framework of Recycling the City Seminars we aim to set the exchange and sharing of ideas and experiences of transformation in different spheres of everyday life. As a main objective, we want to present and discuss how to create more sustainable operation cycles in cities in conjunction with the local society.


The main objectives of the program of talks were:

  • Disseminate and help transfer good practices and sustainable experiences

  • Disseminate experiences of socio-environmental transformation in the local population

  • Encourage citizen participation in the issues related to sustainability in cities.

  • Positively influence people, promoting their inclusion in tasks for transforming cities towards more sustainable processes.


The talks are aimed at the general public, academic specialists, teachers, journalists, politicians and technicians, but also for children, students and seniors.

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